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UK Census Pack – Open Data

For the last couple of weeks at Geolytix we’ve been eager little data bunnies processing the detailed English, Welsh and Northern Irish Census Data.

14th February 2013

Today Geolytix are releasing harmonised Output Area Census Data covering the ~200 core variables as a single easy-to-use flat file. This data is being released with no charge under the same Open Government License that the censuses themselves use. There are no additional attribution requirements, you can use this data in exactly the same way you can use raw census data. We’ve also written a swish User Guide, prepared meta-data tables and even included a single consolidated look-up file to higher geographies and proportional look-ups to the 2001 Output Areas. All the data and documents can be found here.

We know data and location analysts are all crazy busy people; we hope having access to this data saves you all a few weeks work and/or a few thousand pounds of data license fees. When Scotland release their Output Areas in April we will bundle them into the look-up files; when they release their bulk data in the Summer we will then roll that data into the main files. We have designed the variables to be harmonised across the UK so hopefully (!) adding the Scottish data will be painless.

We hope you do great work with these new data, and if you find them useful next time you meet one of us make sure to say Hi…

…and optionally buy us a beer or glass of wine.

Download here.

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