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Fresh Trader: Can a wholesaler succeed on the high street?

We welcome back Angela, our guest blogger, who shares her view on a different kind of grocery store…

14th March 2017

Smack bang right in the middle of an average, non-descript high street in the suburbs of North London sits a shop with a fresh concept. Nowhere else like it, this unique wholesale food and grocery shop named Fresh Traders is a breath of fresh air. This type of shop appeals to me 100%. Bulk buying of food and other household essentials panders to my obsessional fear of running out of something when you need it most. I like to be ready and stocked up as though the apocalypse were imminently upon us. Because during the apocalypse, bulk packs of fresh salmon and crevettes will obviously be all we need. I digress.

Fresh Trader is a simple brand with a great ethos behind it. One can go in, stock up on good quality fresh meat, fish and household items such as laundry powder and cleaning products, at wholesale prices. They offer services such as Collect by Car and there is space for the customer to drive to the premises and collect your order, meaning you can do the rest of your shopping without having a kilo of salmon hanging over your shoulder. Moreover they offer the customer free tea and coffee and a pleasant team of staff are on hand to help and answer your questions. As the shop sells bulk packs of everything, the idea is that you’re getting more for your money. However, this could turn people away owing to the size of their cupboards – we don’t all live in huge houses and a bumper pack of Persil may not be what everyone wants to store in a small kitchen.

There are regular offers on – for example 1kg fresh raw Crevettes for £11.99, 5 litres of olive oil for £6.99 and 1kg of Italian Espresso Beans for £6.99. These are not prices to be sniffed at and makes healthy eating affordable if you’re prepared to buy in bulk. This shop is Costco for the high street and an asset. The staff are friendly, helpful and will help you any way they can. The team of managers who run the facility are more than happy to order in specific items for the customer. One of them helped me find a bulk deal on Prosecco I was searching for. Very helpful indeed. Great customer service will keep people going back for more.

The business started up in November 2015 and have been steadily doing well since. Their aim is to be able expand into high streets in new areas, and ultimately nationwide. They are developing a website to enhance the service they provide – quality food at trade prices. Supporting a small business is always a plus and here’s hoping the locals will support this one.

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