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A Day in the life of a Location Planning Partner

Ever wondered what the life of a Location Planner is like at Geolytix is like? Read more to find out...

10th May 2022

As with almost any job, there’s no ‘typical day’ for me as a Location Planning Partner (LPP) at GEOLYTIX, and that is part of the fun! A lot depends on the type of project or projects we’re working on, and what stage we’re at. I’m currently part of the team working on a big, months-long project with one of our international customers and we’re still relatively early in the process.  The time zone difference means our weekly catch ups tend to be early in the morning, so I start the day with a strong cup of tea and then join the call along with the Data Scientist who is working on the project. We share a progress update on the online demand surface we’re creating and ask lots of questions about their sales and customer data which we’ll be using to build a forecast model.  It’s a really collaborative approach, which is great. I enjoy learning about the different ‘quirks’ of each new business or market that we work with and making sure we tailor our approach to meet their needs.

The rest of the morning involves a bit of posting on Basecamp (the communication & project management tool we use internally) to make sure everyone’s in the loop on the latest goings on, finishing up a slide deck and chatting to another LPP to share thoughts on the relevant competitor set to use for a project they are working on. I’m working from home today, but I try to get into the London office at least once a week to see some of my lovely colleagues in person and enjoy the Clerkenwell vibe.

In the afternoon I have a call with a customer I worked with last year. It’s great to hear how the model we delivered has been helping them feel much more confident in contracting on some new property opportunities and rejecting others. They have a few ideas for some additional support they’d like so I agree to pull together a brief proposal. Later, I log into another customer’s MAPP instance and do some checks to make sure some recent changes work perfectly before we push them live.

Before I know it, it’s time to pick up the kids. I do shorter hours, the equivalent of 4 days’ work spread over 5, which is great for balancing work with childcare while the girls are little.  Hopefully the older one will have done some geography today so we can bond over the ever-so-catchy Seven Continents song.

Alison Moriarty, LPP at Geolytix

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

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