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Interaction Surfaces: Illustrate The Complexity Of The City

Our new MAPP tool, Interaction Surfaces, lets you interrogate complex pedestrian interactions in urban areas and start to see the wood for the trees.

28th May 2024

Interaction Surfaces are the latest product in our suite of mobility data tools in GEOLYTIX MAPP. The tool is fast and responsive and lets you see clearly the pedestrian flows in urban areas, with compelling visualisation and quantifiable labels.

In MAPP, switch on the Interaction Surface layer and activate the tool to see the Availability Area. This orange surface represents the area that we have defined as giving a robust result based on the sufficient quantity of data and to adhere to strict privacy thresholds. The gaps in the availability area are only indicative of the tools activation points, and don't limit the returned interaction surface.

The vibrant visualisation demonstrates clearly the paths of most probable pedestrian flow, and the labels give quantifiable values to help you keep track of impacts of your new site selections. The returned surfaces are smooth and based on robust underlying data, with minimal gaps. The theming is set to sharply represent areas of significantly high probability in a deep fuchsia (over 45% as a rule of thumb), becoming lighter as that probability reduces, but still displaying all low probable interactions, based on two years of movement data. This gives a full and rich picture of sometimes complex street networks in busy areas, and are all the better when they show you exactly what you expected from the ground.

Let your curiosity run unencumbered by simply reactivating the tool and panning around the map to rerun results for nearby comparisons as your instincts guide you. The speed of our data API and the responsiveness of the MAPP system makes the tool a pleasure to use. Maximise your results by making use of all of the other datasets available to deploy in MAPP including footfall data, store information, and catchment analysis.

We’d be delighted to give you a demo of our mobility products and talk to you about any specific needs you might have, please get in touch at

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