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Geolytix GeoData underpins the informed location decisions we support our clients with.

7th October 2022

At GEOLYTIX we help retailers and restaurants make informed decisions about how many stores, who to acquire, where to open, which format, how to optimise home delivery and click & collect operations.

What We Do

Fundamentally we make it easy to get product to your customer, be that via:

  • Stores in just the right locations, and none in the wrong ones

  • A fulfilment network that supports immediate delivery

  • Innovative delivery mechanisms – shared kitchens, lockers, direct to a safe place, pop up shops, etc.

Recent events have demonstrated:

  • Both retailers and customers are embracing, and switching between, all methods, modes and formats of retailing like never before
  • It’s vital to be flexible and prepared, to capitalise on present opportunities and weather any storm.


We specialise in retail network optimisation and use detailed, granular data on the market. We have data on residential, worker, student and tourist demand at small area geography.

Statistics on every Retail Place, who’s there, where does it rank in the retail hierarchy, how large is the catchment, what type of people does it attract?

Change, how is the population changing, how are places changing, how is brand performance tracking against the market? We can even see weekly shifts in human activity using mobility data.


Our demographic data comes at the lowest possible administrative geography, with current population and household counts, sex, age groups and affluence index. The data is also available at hex grid.

  • Identify target locations to aid expansion or optimisation
  • Prioritise locations where your target audience live using demographic characteristics; population density, age groupd and afflunce metric
  • Find areas which are growing, declining, or shifting in their demographic structure
  • Help to determine relevant product groupd or channels specific to consumers in the area

Retail Places

Retail Places are named and classified boundaries identifying areas where people go to shop, spend money, and interact with a commercial environment dominated by retail. These underpin the ability to identify opportunity locations for expansion, optimisation and consolidation of stores and assets. Profiling, segmenting and scoring supports finding optimum locations and understanding activity.

  • Identify areas of activity
  • Can be supplemented with Mobility data to identify hotspots, monitor activity, and analyse changes in interaction throughout a day or week
  • Helps you evaluate your assets through supporting network planning or estate optimisation
  • Classified to support varying formats and help to provide opportunities for both pedestrian and vehicle lead missions

We capture all city and large town centres, along with their key retail streets. We segment our Retail Places into 11 standard types, ranging from community, destination, and transport. We create Retail Venues within defined Retail Places to further refine concentrations of retail and assets.

GeoData Coverage

We offer Demographics and Retail Places for 55+ countries with consistent structure, comparable definitions, annual license with update and favourable license terms and unlimited users. If there is a country we don't have listed below please get in contact as we are continually growing our coverage.

Combining customer analysis, data, world leading modelling, tailored outputs ensures Geolytix are the people to support you with your location based decisions. If we could provide data and services for your business please get in contact.

Louise Cross, Product Owner of Data at GEOLYTIX

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