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UK Retail Points - Supermarket Locations 2022Q1

A strong start in the first quarter of 2022 for the UK grocery market. The opening and addition of 196 stores and 48 closures in our latest data release.

21st April 2022

Openings and closures of the major supermarket chains from the first quarter of 2022 have been reflected in the latest release of the Geolytix open Retail Points data set. Read more about the background of this data set here.


  • Morrisons Daily expansion continued - 200th Mccolls to Morrisons Daily conversion opened in March, 78 new Morrisons Daily stores added in this update.
  • 27 Tesco Express stores opened
  • M&S changes include M&S Foodhall Finsbury Park that opened in Feb and M&S Woking that opened in March.
  • 3 new Iceland Food Warehouses - Livingston, Mansfield & Kirkcaldy
  • Planet Organic - Torrington Place store closed, Broadway Market store opened
  • 19 Lidl openings & 5 Aldi openings including 2 new Aldi stores in London (Purley Way & Greenwich High Road)
  • In Nov last year, Sainsburys opened 2 new stores over 50,000 sqft - Sainsburys Colwick & Sainsburys Aylesbury Gatehouse. This update also has 9 new Sainsburys Local stores including 4 in London (Elephant & Castle, Brighton Road in Croydon, Hampstead High Street and Raeburn Avenue in Berrylands).
  • Sainsburys closures include Sainsburys Hanley, Hull Jameson Street Local, Nottingham Carrington Street Local

You can download our latest release of the Retail Points data set here with all the accompanying documentation. We love hearing about how the data is being used so make sure to tag us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Rebecca Mellor, GEOLYTIX

Title Image: Photo by Scott Evans on Unsplash

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